Macintosh news and tidbits: by Erik Maldre
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Trent Reznor and his mac
From: Erik Maldre <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 11:52:03 -0600

yowdy howdy,

matt asked me if I would try to make a weekly contribution about the world of the alien-to-some, masta-pimp-to-others-MACS. I was scared shitless of them at wesleyan but now I snuggle up to mine when I sleep.

The first installment I'll let TRENT REZNOR OF NINE INCH NAILS give his perspective. (It's a chat transcript from Dec. 21st MTV post concert chat with Trent)

"Everything we do is on apple Macintosh computers; Without a question or compromise, they've been the ones who've supported the musicians and the independent mindset, and that will never change. Computers have been an integral part of how I make music, and if it weren't for apple, I wouldn't make music the way I do. They've allowed me to . . . grow. I respect them and will support them, with no product endorsement, I just believe in their mindset. They're smarter."
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