Macintosh news and tidbits: by Erik Maldre
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From: Erik Maldre
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 9:34 AM

If you run Suitcase, you need these two control panels: ~ATM and ~Suitcase 8 MenuFonts. There is a chance they are corrupted or need updating. ~ATM 4.6 is available at Versiontracker is a tremendously useful website that every mac user must know about. I will give you ins and outs in a later artiwu post. Just type in "atm" in the find field of versiontracker and download the light version. An update to MenuFonts 8.2 is at versiontracker also.

If you run ATM Deluxe, you need these two control panels: ~ATM 4.6 and
ATR 2.5.1 (Adobe Type Reunion). If you haven anything less that these versions, download the updates at If you have these versions, reinstall them. They may be corrupted.

Never, never have both ~Suitcase MenuFonts and Adobe Type Reunion. They are like Ann Murakishi and Bruce Clark. Classic conflict.

Also, very importantly, in ~ATM, make sure your "Character Cache Size" is set to 2.0M, not the underfed 512K default.

If you run FontReserve, you are a stud and I bow to you. (very robust font management)

If you run MasterJuggler, your very existense is being controlled by a mad clown and you're better off going back to setting lead type manually in a dark closet.

If you rely on the System Folder for your fonts, you are the caveman user of fonts. Why start fire with banging rocks when you have a set of matches and jug of lighter fluid. (i.e. look into a font management program.) -erik maldre
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