1997 (includes spring 1997 and fall 1996)
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  What's up here now
  Photo of the entire school of art.
All the students and all the faculty in one picture.

With your help, here's some of what will appear here
• Pictures capturing the year
• List of award winners and picture of their artwork

BFA exhibition poster
Senior show poster
Other exhibition postcards
• Any photos of the students or faculty
• Photos or scans of artwork
• Anything else!
Send in yer pictures, artwork, posters,
postcards, lists of winners, etc.
Option 1: Email
I would recommend saving your pictures as a jpeg or gif file. Try to keep the file size under 500k. You can have the size of the photo any size. If I have to, I will do the optimizing of your picture to get it to the proper size.
Email the file to: artiwu@spudart.org

Option 2: Snail mail
Send me your pictures or stuff to scan via regular US Postage.
(I will send it back to you).

My address is:
Matt Maldre
4809 N. Bell Ave, #1E
Chicago, IL 60625

  Any questions? Just email Matt at: artiwu@spudart.org

for current news, visit the news page

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