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What it does
Artiwu connects Illinois Wesleyan University's
art alumni and art students
It is a casual forum for discussing anything with art or design. The people on artiwu are IWU art students and alumni. Artiwu is an open list –everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.

Artiwu is an invaluable resource where people can share
• thoughts on art
• updates on what friends are doing
• advice and help
• events

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How it works
People can talk by
• email (view the current digest)
• internet
• snail mail (postal)

Main Communication

The main mode of communication will be by an weekly
e-mail discussion group.

Everything on the listserv will be posted on this website at the art
discussion area.

Snail Mail
For those less digitally enhanced folks, there will be a monthly or bi-monthly mailing of all the messages. They can even respond via snail mail and those snail mail messages will be distributed on the email discussion group.

What to talk about
People can talk about their artsy-phartsy stuff, or about future events like Homecoming or a big art festival. People can e-mail any news about what they are up to. Basically, just enhancing the communication amoung art people.
Site Features
Events (this section coming soon)
Upcoming events are displaying in this handy calendar

• Keep track of
old long, losts friends
• Who is that nut that made that goofy post last digest? Find out
• You will need a
password to go here
Update your profile

Pictures capturing the year
List of award winners and pictures of their artwork
• BFA exhibition
• Senior show
• Other exhibition

• Huge
Chicago link section
Student, alumni, faculty personal websites

Recommend books
Read other's recommendations
Buy the books right here!

Artiwu partners
Your company or organization can partner up with artiwu

Search the Artiwu site
Find stuff quickly using this handy dandy search engine.
for searching people's profiles, you will need a

• Links to Job websites
Job Tips
IWU Job Network

To do list

up and coming for artiwu

Artiwu history
The origins of Artiwu started in the spring 1996 with the idea of creating discussion amoung the IWU art students about various matters of art. The idea came started to come into reality in the spring of 1998 when the artiwu website first went on-line with the basic structure you see today (minus the graphics). The real heart of artiwu started in the fall of 1998 when the email discussion group started. Since then, the artiwu site has grown and become more in-depth.

Your moderator (and founder)
Matt Maldre (class of 1997)
I orginally pictured my role as just a moderator that provides the structure for people to contribute their ideas, experiences and knowledge. Through the years, I have found that it is vital for a there to be a dicussion leader who can provide thought provoking questions and discussion starters. I have also tried to give out information for students that will be of help.

I greatly enjoy searching for ang gathering information together. Every week, putting together the digest is a great joy. There's just something awesome everytime when I hit the "send" button to ship out the weekly digest. I absolutely love doing this, and if I could I would be doing this sort of thing for a living. I thank everyone for being a part of artiwu.

For more info about me, either check out my
profile page or visit my website at: www.spudart.org
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Connecting Illinois Wesleyan University art students and art alumni.

Any questions, comments, inquiries, corrections, and additional information can be sent to grand papa webmasta: artiwu@spudart.org