To Do List
Here's a list of things I plan on doing for artiwu.
As I start some of these tasks, I may ask the artiwu consultants what their opinion is on the current task.

What do you think of these plans?
Any of these ideas stupid?
And of 'em are really cool?
What can I do to improve artiwu?

  Note for artiwu consultants  
  You can give me feedback on these ideas now, but I will be e-mailing you about these issues one at at time. I plan on tackling only like one issue at a time, so when I start to work on it, I will email you and ask you for your opinion on the topic. Thank you.

  Future Plans  
HTML artiwu digest
(check out beta, this is in progress)
Have an html version of the artiwu email digest (right now it's just plain ol' text). People will have the choice of plain text or html for the email digest.

Set up a group of artiwu consultants. They would review new sections to artiwu and give me feedback before I make it public to all of artiwu. Here's another opportunity where people can stick something good on their resume. "Consultant" sounds pretty good. Plus, I get more feedback on artiwu, and artiwu can improve.

Member Profiles of the Month
Have a student focus of the month and an alumni focus of the month. Each month, a student will be have an in-depth interview. This provides a chance for the members to get to know each other more than what the regular profiles provide.

Ask for a student to interview other students for "student profile of the month" or "student focus of the month"
And also ask an alumni to interview other alumni.

Chat Room
--I'm planning on doing this chat room thing.

Digest via Snail Mail
--I'm thinking about doing artiwu via snail mail too. Perhaps monthly.

Young Alumni Get-together
organize a young alumni get-together (i've chatted with Miles Bair, the director of school of art about this)

Q & A series with students and alumni
organize another question and answer series with the students and alumni. The career office organized an awesome Q&A series last november. I'd like to do it with some other alumni.

Ebay Community
(maybe coming)
set up a group on ebay for artiwu where students and alumni can sell their artwork. Here we can take advantage of being part of larger group (reputation with being part of group, cross-promotion amoung existing auctions) We can share tips on what sells, how promote the art, what tricks work, what doesn't work.

Artiwu Express
(maybe coming)
if someone needs an answer to a question RIGHT NOW and cannot wait a week for their message to be posted and then another week for it to be responded to.

(maybe not put artiwu weekly digest in a bad light, but explain how often artiwu goes out. then explain that artiwu express is an immediate email group in addition to the artiwu weekly digest.

people would have to sign up at either egroups, yahoo, or topica (i pick one). the group is private.

Posts on Database
(coming, it'll be a while)
Press Room
--logo available for download
--ready-made graphics for linking to artiwu

New additions section
Make a list of new additions

make the headline go like...
• Artiwu announces...
• Artiwu declares...
• Artiwu enhances...
• Blah blah named as...
• Artiwu joins forces with...
• Artiwu wins...
• Artiwu welcomes...
• Artiwu ___ competition awarded to a ____ from _______
(these ideas are from intel's pressroom of news archives

Website Improvement
Everything can always be improved on the website. :-)

  • Gallery Schedules
  • Put up IWU gallery schedule, ISU gallery schedule, Chicagoland art events

  • What do you think of these plans?
    Any of these ideas stupid?
    And of 'em are really cool?
    What can I do to improve artiwu?

      Needs Promoting  
    Job Network
    Develop a job network on the website

    Book of the Month
    book of the month in html digest sidebar

    History Pages
    Add more pictures and stuff to the history pages

    Book Reviews
    Get more book reviews from members.

    Promote how members can become partners with artiwu.

    Get more people to sign up as columnists

  • Get people's artwork and pictures for their profile

  • What do you think of these plans?
    Any of these ideas stupid?
    And of 'em are really cool?
    What can I do to improve artiwu?


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