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The Madness of Art : A Guide to Living and Working in Chicago
by Adam Langer
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Paperback - 256 pages (June 1996)
Chicago Review Pr; ISBN: 1556522681 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.57 x 8.45 x 5.41 Sales Rank: 448,029
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  Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 23:55:43 -0600
From: Matt Maldre <>

"The Madness of Art: A Guide to Living and Working in Chicago" By Adam Langer.

This is an excellent book if you're looking to live and work in Chicago as an artist.

The chapter called "Where the Artists Are" is a terrific guide to the neighborhoods of Chicago. I collect Chicago guide books, and this is by far the BEST look at Chicago's neighborhoods. It is honest and informative. It does tell you where artists tend to clump in Chicago. Heck, it actually helped me to decide where I live now.

The section "A cross-section of galleries that every artist should know about" is well-written and even includes a snob rating. Although it doesn't list all the galleries in Chicago, it does include alot of the major and minor players. Plus, that snob rating just cracks me up, but it really is incredibly helpful and insightful.

"Getting schooled" has a good listing of art schools (if ya want to take a class in the summer, or any other time). His reviews aren't as informative, but they are still funny and honest. (Look forward to artiwu publishing a more detailed guide to chicago art schools soon.)

The compliation of "Publications and Other Resources" is one of the best and very definitive.

There are also sections for writers, actors, dancers, musicians, and filmmakers. But they don't water down the book. The section on the fine arts is definetely worth the $_______.

Overall, this book is a pure gem. It has lots of great information for the artist starting out in Chicago. The humorous writing and jam-packed info will make you want to read it. I rate it a 5 out of 5, "An absolute buy."
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