Current list  
Here's the current list of IWU art student and alumni that are using the buddy list.
ComicBookStud Colin Burke '04
urbanbooty19 Alicia Johnston '04
litnincrashs Kalley Powell '03
msclark123 Catherine Clark '02
eric snowden Eric Snowden '00
Tfar786 Tamima Faroqui '99
spudart Matt Maldre'97
yikesmoose Erik Maldre '97
monkeypants Andy Matznick '97
jjswingin Julie Janetopoulos '97
jdmphoto Jeff Millies '96
Let people on artiwu know if your screenname
There's two ways to let people know your screenname.

Option 1
There is a field for "screenname"on the student profile form or alumni profile form

Option 2
Or you can just fill out your screenname here:
your name
your buddy list screename
your year of graduation
What Is This Instant Message Stuff?
Instant messages are an online conversation between two or more people who have AOL Instant Messenger or America Online software. Instant messages are private and free. It's a whole new way of communicating that's fast, simple and totally addictive.

It's a window that appears on your computer when you are on-line. When one of your "buddies" is on-line, their name comes up in the window. Then you can send them an instant message. They can respond and you can have a conversation. Pretty handy!
You don't even need AOL to use it.

AOL Instant Messenger is a free software program that lets you:
-- See when your friends are online
-- Exchange instant messages with them
-- Participate in group chat rooms
-- Trade files such as pictures, invitations or documents
-- Find new friends
Download it now
Most computers at IWU have this program already.

But if you need to download it, It takes about 5 minutes to download this free program over a standard, 56k computer modem and telephone line. The installation process takes about three minutes, and it's easy to add your friends' screen names to your Buddy List. Then you're all set to send instant messages!

Check it out at:


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