Juried Show Venue: by Laura Kesselring
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Subject: The Juried Show Venue:
Why Juried Shows?
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 10:39:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Laura A. Kesselring" <paintgirl74@yahoo.com>

Part 1 in an approximately 12-Part Series


Watch this space for an upcoming series that I am writing called "The Juried Show Venue." There are a lot of "How-To" and advice articles out there on the reasons for and the process of entering juried art exhibitions. However, I have found that this information is sometimes irrelevant and unrealistic for the emerging artist. I have been entering juried shows for 3 years and have recently had some success. So, I decided to share the knowledge I have gained from experience in this area, so that if any of you are interested in pursuing this venue, you will know the real score.

I began entering juried competitions and exhibitions after graduation from Wesleyan, as a way of staying focused on artmaking. It also made me feel involved, like I was an active professional artist. I wasn't ready to seek gallery representation, but found that the unique requirements of juried shows would be perfect with what I had to work with. Even now, when my work has expanded in theme and quantity, I continue to enter juried shows.

Juried shows can be very beneficial to the emerging artist in that they provide the opportunity to exhibit your work and build up your resume without requiring you to be a full-time artist with a solid vision or a concrete style. Juried shows only want you to submit anywhere from 2-5 pieces, so if you only have a few "good" pieces under your belt, a show that you submit those to won't know there aren't any others (yet!). Also, if your work is not concentrated on one specific style/theme/color/medium, juried shows are a good venue for you because you can enter 3 small watercolors of flowers in one show, but also submit your coat-hanger sculpture of Mr. Potato Head to a completely different show.

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Coming Soon: "The Actual Submission Process" and "Pricing Your Art for Sale"

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