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Subject: The Juried Show Venue:
The Actual Submission Process [Part A]
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 20:02:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Laura A. Kesselring" <>

Part 5 in an approximately 12-Part Series

You've chosen the shows and you've chosen the artÖnow it's time to send everything out! There are several parts to this process, so you must make sure you do everything, and correctly, or you might have it sent back to you or held back from the jurying due to incorrectly followed directions-sometimes places can be really picky!

First, what do you submit and what don't you submit? Each show has different rules and procedures, but you can generally count on sending 4 things: slides, entry form, entry fee (usually a check or money order), and a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your slides (you definitely want them back, they are expensive and hard to make in the first place-at least for me!). Often, a notification postcard will be attached to the prospectus for you to send in as well; this will be a simple version of the entry form (titles, accepted/not accepted) that you address to yourself and stamp, and they send it back to you, marked accepted or not, instead of or before sending back your slides.

DO NOT send additional materials unless they are specifically asked for at this stage. This includes resumes, artist statements, biographies and any other promotional materials. Many shows will disqualify you immediately if you do this-they ostensibly want to be impartial and they consider you sending promotional materials with your submission to be a breach of that. A few shows will ask for these things, but most specifically will not. Follow instructions!

Make sure you pay attention to the date your submission is due-some shows will want to RECEIVE your submission by a certain date, others will only want it POSTMARKED by that date. Either way, mail your submission at least a week before the due date, even to local galleries.

In the next column, I will outline the specific steps for submitting your art and materials to a juried show.

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Coming Soon: "Pricing Your Art for Sale" and "Shipping Your Masterpiece"

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