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Subject: The Juried Show Venue: Going to See Your Art, You Famous Person!
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 17:27:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Laura A. Kesselring" <>

Part 12 (last one!) in a 12-Part Series

You entered, you were accepted, you framed, you it's time to enjoy your success! Nothing is better than seeing the fruits of your labor. So go to the exhibition in a red dress (or pants) and experience life as an exhibiting, working, successful artist.

There are many benefits to attending the opening of the show. First, you may get an award during the awards ceremony (if they have one)! Most venues also serve free food, and sometimes wine, too! Aside from these material gains, attending the exhibition opening will provide you with an opportunity to gather information and build experience that will benefit your future exhibiting adventures.

-Observe the other pieces in the exhibition. How do they relate to each other, to your piece, and to the exhibition "theme" overall? How comfortable are you with having your piece characterized as part of this whole?

-How many people showed up for the opening? This can be an indicator of how much exposure your piece is likely to receive at this particular exhibition, and at the venue in general. Hang around your piece (subtly!) and listen to what others say about it, and about the exhibition itself.

-If there is a binder of resumes or other information on the exhibiting artists, look to see what kind of education and exhibition experience the other artists in the show have. Are they just starting out or are they more established? Do they all have MFAs, or are they self-taught?

-If there is an exhibition catalog, make sure you have several copies - purchase some at the opening if they only give you one complementary copy. Make sure to collect as much other documentation as you can - postcards, press releases, etc. Take photographs if it is allowed.

-Notice the venue itself. Is it easy to find, or out of the way? Is the space clean and well-lit? Are the works hung properly and securely? Is your piece displayed according to your specifications? Is your name spelled correctly on all materials?

-If you are unable to go to the exhibition yourself, try to send a friend. Ask them to take pictures and collect documentation for you, and ask their opinion of the exhibition.

All of these points may be factors in your decision on whether or not you want to enter this exhibition (or any other exhibitions at this particular venue) again. In any case, make sure to keep a file on each show (this can contain the prospectus, shipping and framing receipts, brochures, catalogs, postcards, photos, etc.) for your own records, and as a reference for the future.

Don't forget to add this exhibition to your resume. And smile! You have achieved success as a working artist.

Thanks For Reading This Series and Good Luck
Exhibiting Your Art! Stay Tuned...

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